The Craft Smoothie Project


When I asked my husband Bill what I should call my blog in the beginning, he said Smoothie Criminal. He is becoming so good at Dad jokes and should be congratulated.

It’s true, I do LOVE Smoothie’s, but I am by no means the master.  Lucky for me, right at the beginning of this change of lifestyle, I stumbled upon a smoothie master on instagram – Riki from Craft Smoothie. A good ole Instagram find while searching for some smoothie recipes to make, so that mine wouldn’t be the same every single day.
Who needs a boring smoothie in their life, not me.  Craft Smoothie has been a great find and a game changer for me. I signed up straight away and I’m so happy I did. It’s really helped me to get into the rhythm of eating right, and improving my routine.  Each day I start with a smoothie (and sometimes have the leftovers for lunch, or I share with Aiden) and I know right off the bat that I’m starting my day right. I’ve been doing it now for over 8 weeks and it’s been a lifesaver, especially on busy days that, in the past, would have derailed me and I would have made some baaaad choices.  Now I race around town with my smoothie in tow, and I hardly ever buy food out anymore.

So, what is Craft Smoothie?

Craft Smoothie are healthy smoothie recipes and superfood ingredients delivered to your door. It’s a revolution people!  Five new recipes each week (to make up 10 serves total) filled with fruit, vegetables and organic superfoods.  They are delicious. I love the variety  and yes, they fill me up. The addition of those superfoods is key, they add the protein and staying power.

The genius behind Craft Smoothie is Riki, and yes, I think he is pretty genius.  Along with getting these awesome recipes and food to my door, he’s pretty bloody exceptional at customer service and what he does. I am a huge supporter of local small business and aside from the deliciousness to my door each week, I’ve been really impressed with all aspects of his business. Packaging, service, quality – it’s all really important.

So, I decided to ask Riki if he would answer a few questions for the blog, and of course, because he’s’ awesome, he said yes.

1. Tell us how Craft Smoothie works?
Each week you get a smoothie box delivered to your door with all the ingredients you need to make ten superfood smoothies. There are five new recipes each week and the ingredients include combinations of seasonal fresh fruit and veg, and organic superfood blends.
2. How did the idea for Craft Smoothie come about? 
I’ve been playing rugby professionally and working full time for the last seven years, so I was battling to find the time to prepare nutritious meals for myself. I found making superfood smoothies to be the most convenient way to pack in all the nutrients I needed before training or work in the shortest possible time. I knew I could help other busy kiwis with the same solution, and I wanted to make it easy for everyone to get access to all the ingredients they needed to make superfood smoothies at home.
3. Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe? 
I have a few favourites (I’m always partial to a blueberry smoothie) but I enjoy trialing new season combinations of ingredients, so my favourites are always evolving. Summer is awesome because we can include fresh berries and stone fruit in our recipes, but our autumn boxes have proven to be just as popular. I’ve loved experimenting with fruits like nashi pear and feijoa this season.
4. What are your fave top 3 ingredients and why? 
If I had to narrow it down to three ingredients they would have to be; acai, maca and chia seeds. Acai is the business for smoothies, it has everything you could ask for in an ingredient – antioxidants, healthy fats, amino acids, fibre, and a range of essential vitamins and minerals, plus it complements the other superfoods we use well. Maca is another favourite because aside from the caramel-like taste, I love that it’s an energy-booster and can help balance hormones in both men and women. Chia is another winner in almost any smoothie recipe because it’s a good source of protein and fibre and has added benefits for a healthy heart and brain.
5. What is your advice for anyone trying to lose weight or change their lifestyle using Craft Smoothie?
Making small sustainable changes each week until those changes become a way of life is key for anyone starting out on a weight loss journey. Craft Smoothie makes it easy to sustain a healthy diet because it takes care of your most important meal. You’ll have all the ingredients you need to make healthy breakfast smoothies delivered to your home. We like to keep our customers excited with five new recipes each week to ensure breakfasts never boring. Sharing your smoothies with a family member or talking about the new recipes with a friend is also an awesome way to support the transition because it helps make nutrition fun. Setting realistic goals rather than restrictions is important for sustaining a lifestyle change. Share those goals with someone close to you so you can can report back on your progress and talk through any challenges.




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